Sermons on Nehemiah

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After We Say “Amen”

Series: Preacher: Date: July 19, 2015 Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 10:28-39

Some of you may know that this past Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A.  Unlike the other 364 days of the year, Cow Appreciation Day is the one day when you actually want to look like a cow, sort of.  Dressing up as a cow from head to hoof garners a free combo meal.  […]

Steps to Spiritual Renewal

Series: Preacher: Date: July 5, 2015 Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 7-8

A few years ago my wife, Sue, took a trip to Nairobi, Kenya with Nancy Faulconer to visit Cathie Burke and the women of Amani Ya Ju. Sue was gone 11 days and I decided that while she was away I would tackle a home improvement project that I knew was something she wanted done. […]

Rebuilding the Walls

Series: Preacher: Date: February 17, 2013 Scripture Reference: Ezra 7; Nehemiah 1-2, 4, 6-8; Malachi 1-4

Nehemiah 8:1 – Now all the people gathered together as one man in the open square that was in front of the Water Gate; and they told Ezra the scribe to bring the Book of the Law of Moses, which the Lord had commanded Israel. 2 – So Ezra the priest brought the Law before the […]

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