Sermons on 2 Samuel

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The Trials of a King

Series: Preacher: Date: November 25, 2012 Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 11-12; 18-19; 1 Chronicles 22; 29; Psalm 23; 32; 51

In his book, Cast of Characters Lost and Found, Max Lucado reports that when Pope John Paul died, a man named Rogers Cadenhead quickly claimed the Internet domain name for what he thought would be the name of the next pope.  Cadenhead registered before the new pope’s name was announced.  I don’t know HOW […]

From Shepherd to King

Series: Preacher: Date: November 18, 2012 Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 16-18, 24, 31; 2 Samuel 6, 22; 1 Chronicles 17; Psalm 59

When I was 17 years old, with the help of my youth director, I was able to do what I thought would be impossible: I convinced my parents to let me buy a used motorcycle.  It wasn’t a big bike, just a Honda 100 like this one, but it was a metallic gold color and […]

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