Sermon Series:Men on Mission


Series: Preacher: Date: April 21, 2002 Scripture Reference: Acts 4:32-37, 9:26-28, 11:25-26, 15:36-41

I think that unfortunately most of us are familiar with MURPHY’S LAWS-those humorous lists of things that, according to some guy named Murphy, can and do go wrong in life. For example: The other line at COSTCO always moves faster than the one you are in. The chance of the bread falling with the peanut […]


Series: Preacher: Date: March 17, 2002 Scripture Reference: Daniel 6

A couple weeks ago about 15-20 Redlanders drove up to Poolesville to spend the day working on a house that is being built there by Habitat for Humanity. I was really proud as a pastor to see so many from our church show up early on a cold Saturday morning with all their TOOLS ready […]


Series: Preacher: Date: March 10, 2002 Scripture Reference: Hosea 1:1-9, 3:1-3 .

I like old movies and perhaps due to my line of work, I especially like the old Biblical epics that were made years ago: classic films like: Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, The Robe, etc. Well, as I studied today’s text this week I wondered why Hollywood has never made a Biblical epic about the […]


Series: , Preacher: Date: March 3, 2002 Scripture Reference: Amos 2:6-8, 10-14; 3:1-2; 5:21-24, 26-27

Like many of you, most nights during the past couple weeks my family and I gathered around the TV so that we could watch the Winter Olympics. In fact we’ve gone without sleep so that we could enjoy our favorite Olympic events-even those that were broadcast after midnight. After all this spectating I’ve decided that […]

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