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Help Josh and our church on Saturday, Dec. 1

Josh S. is doing his Eagle Scout project this Saturday, and he needs your help!

Project:     Redo walkway at church between church office and main building
Date:           Saturday, Dec. 1
Times:       8:30 am – 5:30 pm (Drop by any time)
RSVP:        Josh S., [email protected]
Other:        SSL hours are available
                    Breakfast donuts provided,
Lunch pizza provided
When you RSVP, Josh may ask about equipment and supplies you may have available                           (gloves, shovels, etc.)

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Inclement Weather

RBC Closures Due to Inclement Weather
The church office and all week day daytime activities will follow Montgomery County Public Schools when it comes to delayed openings, closures and early closures due to inclement weather.  For week day evening activities, the Minister or Director of the activity will make a determination and the information will be available by 4pm of the evening in question.  For weekend activities, the Minister or Director of the activity will make a determination and the information will be available at least 2 hours before the event begins. All of these changes will also be reflected on the church website (top right rotating picture)  and on the office phone message for special announcements.

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Fuel, Oct. 28

This Sunday at Fuel we will launch a study on apologetics. The purpose of this study is to help our students think critically about why they believe what they believe about God and to learn how to stand firm in their faith amid a culture that will pull them in all directions.

Our first lesson will examine what it means to have a worldview. We’ll challenge our students to think about themselves, what they think, and what foundation they desire to base their life upon. Each of us has a worldview that has been shaped by our upbringing, the environment we grew up in, and our family unit.

Here are some questions that could help fuel great dialogue at home:

  • What are some good, appropriate ways for Christ-followers to respond to our culture’s attitude toward absolute truth?
  • How can Paul’s story of transformation in the Bible encourage you as you interact with people who aren’t followers of Jesus?
  • When do you find it most difficult to follow a Jesus-centered worldview, and why?

We look forward to partnering with you as together we prepare our teenagers for the journey ahead of them by equipping them with the tools necessary to develop a strong, Jesus-centered worldview.

Sunday is also Action Teams night.  Instead of the lesson discussed above, youth who are in Action Teams will meet to discuss their ministry and how they can make the most of it.

Have a wonderful week!

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Portrait of a Healthy Church

In the fall of 2017, our staff decided to invite Dr. Randy Millwood from our BCMD staff to help us determine how we might help Redland to become a more efficient tool for furthering God’s kingdom.  Randy suggested the Church Health Assessment—a study he and other faculty of New Orleans Seminary had developed a few years back. We liked that idea so we set the dates. We enlisted the respondents (30 Redlanders carefully chosen to reflect the age, gender, marital status, and length of church membership tenure, etc. of our church). The idea was to assemble a “little Redland” to help us get a picture of the “bigger Redland. The surveys were carefully tabulated, and on April 7 about 60 Redlanders gathered to hear the results and to brainstorm some ways we could use the results.

Here are a couple things the survey revealed:

1.) We have a very healthy church.
2.) The results reflected the vision focus for 2018—our need to do a better job of connecting with each other and the lost in our community.

Our staff will with Randy to get suggestions on next steps, and continues to review the results. We want to accomplish those goals with you, not for you.

Copies of the results were sent out attached to an e-mail and are also available on the table in the back of the Sanctuary, or contact the church office for a copy.

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Fuel Sunday, 4/8: Leadership – the balancing act

This Sunday we will launch a new leadership series during Fuel that focuses on the “doing” side of leadership. This first lesson examines the leadership idea of focus preceding success. We defined this as “maintaining a single-minded focus on the chosen goal in order to experience success in one’s mission.” Focus transforms our lives, blocks out distractions, and creates entire team success. Our students will also examine the story of Noah in Genesis 6–7 and see how his focus helped save humanity. Noah is a great example of a leader who remained focused, even in the midst of great adversity.

Here are some questions you could ask your teenager about this week’s lesson to get some conversation flowing:

  • What kinds of things regularly try to steal your focus and attention away from God?
  • What traits or characteristics or habits define a person who is focused?
  • Why do you think God wants us to be people of focus?

Have a great week!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Due to inclement weather conditions, Redland Baptist Church has cancelled ALL activities on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.  The Church Office is also closed.

Stay safe and warm inside!

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Healthy Church Workshop, April 7

Redland’s Healthy Church Workshop, facilitated by Randy Millwood from the BCMD will be Saturday, April 7. A continental breakfast with coffee is served at 8:15am, the workshop starts at 8:45am in the Sanctuary and will conclude by 1pm. Everyone is invited and childcare (birth-Grade 5) is available by RSVP to Peggy Peek.

The first half of our time together will be spent reviewing the results of our recent Healthy Church Assessment, taken by a cross-section of Redland’s members (determined by age, gender, marital status, ministry involvement, and length of church membership tenure) earlier this year in January. This will be an overview of our church health, highlighting areas where we are strong and areas that could use some extra attention.

The second half of the workshop will be for collaborative discussion, discernment, fellowship, and planning to develop strategies for RBC’s continued health. This workshop is for everyone!  We look forward to seeing you here.

In case you have questions, take a look at the FAQs below. … (more)

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Sunday, February 18

Due to inclement weather conditions, Redland Baptist Church will only have 11:00am worship on Sunday, February 18. The sidewalks will be shoveled and the parking lot will be scraped and salt put down before 10:00am on Sunday to prepare for your arrival.  There will be no 8:30am worship or Sunday School.

Stay safe and warm and see you on Sunday at 11am!

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BCMD’s Regional VBS Clinic, February 24

Redland Baptist Church will host one of this year’s VBS Regional Clinics held by the BCMD! VBS workers from the surrounding areas will be attending workshops on Lifeway’s VBS Curriculum “Game On!” on Saturday, February 24, 9:30am-2pm (lunch included). To learn more about this clinic and for non-Redlander registration, click here.  If you are a Redlander, please register with Peggy Peek or our RBC Camp Directors (see contact info below) by February 22.

If you are a Redland adult or youth planning to work with RBC Camp this year or just considering the idea, we HIGHLY recommend attending this training! You may use this workshop in place of one of our standard RBC Camp training sessions, and it will be free to Redland members.

For more information, contact Peggy Peek at (peggypeek at redlandbaptist dot org) or our RBC Camp Directors at (rbccamp at redlandbaptist dot org).

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