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Rev. Kevin FreemanMy name is Kevin Freeman, and I am privileged to serve as the Associate Pastor for Discipleship, Youth, and Families here at Redland. Feel free to get in touch with me here if I can serve you. I would love to hear from you.

Our Trustworthy Bible

So on Wednesday we talked about the uniqueness of the Bible.

The reality is that there is so much evidence for the Bible’s uniqeness that you could study it for years on end.

I’m including 2 videos here for you to look at.  The first one discusses some incredible things that make the Bible not only unique, but also reliable.  The second is your encore presentation of the “Baby Got Book” video.

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Creation Website

At Fuel this past Wednesday we discussed evolution and creation.  I had mentioned that I would be putting up a post to let you further research creation.

A great website to check out is called Answers in Genesis.  Any RYM student who checks out this website and tells me something he/she learned on it will get a reward.

This is open to all students (whether you were there on Wednesday or not).  You will have until Wednesday, July 29 to get back to me.

I’m also adding a fun video about evolution/creation that is kind of like those PC/Mac commercials.  So look at the video for fun, but then go do some real research.

Youth Info Board

You may have noticed it this past Sunday, but there is a new Youth Info Board in the church lobby.  As you enter the church, you’ll find it to your left on the door just before the Elementary Wing.  Right now it’s looking fairly basic, but we are slowly adding to it.  In addition to a monthly calendar, letters, and permission slips, there is one thing the info board will have that you won’t find online – a monthly Parent Page.  The Parent Page is a resource to give parents a glimpse into the world of students, showing current trends and Biblical responses to them.

Eventually our info board will move to a more permanent location in the lobby.  Feel free to check on it and see the progress as it continues to take shape.  We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback and suggestions so that we can make it as beneficial as possible.


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Does God Exist?

Hey Students.  Our past 2 Fuel nights have centered around discussions of how we can know that God exists.  The first week we talked about “The Code” – that built-in moral code we all have.  We also learned that it’s this moral code that points to God (absolute moral law must come from an absolute moral law-Giver).

Then this past Wednesday we discussed this amazing, ordered universe in which we live.  It is clear to us that God has designed and ordered the universe in an incredible way that couldn’t have simply happened by chance.

Next week we’ll be moving on, but did you know that there are other ways to point to God’s existence?

Here’s an issue that any atheist will struggle with answering:  How did matter come into existence?  If there were no God to create the universe, then the question, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” is a real toughie.  An atheist may respond that this question is more philosophical than scientific, but that pretty much sweeps the question under the rug.  Here’s a great video that not only talks abou the issue; it also ties together much of what we’ve discussed about the existence of God.


Welcome to Redland?s youth ministry hub!

Since this is a project that is recently underway, it is safe to say that you are new to this area.  Here is what you can expect to find here:

  • Updates for parents.  I will occasionally post here to give a youth ministry update, add some news, or provide a resource that will help parents.
  • Updates for students.  This will be a great place for youth to get info as well.  There will be some fun stuff, resources, and even devotionals that go with a recent lesson.
  • Permission slips.  Just click the ?forms and files? tab at the top for the latest permission slips, flyers, and letters.
  • Calendar.  This is yet another place where you can find youth ministry calendar items.  You can, of course, look to the left for the column down the side, but you can also click on the ?monthly calendar? tab at the top for a more interactive calendar to help you.

That?s about it.  I?m looking forward to this blog being a resource to parents and students alike.


There is no “I” in Team!

Grace at HomeHave you ever heard the saying, “There is NO “I” in TEAM”?

It makes lots of sense, but have you ever thought of it in the context of your family?

“The Family” as a team.  Teams are generally made up of individuals with gifts and talents that contribute to the over all effectiveness of the team.  It requires each individual doing their part, teamwork.

I think many times in a family there is an interal competiveness that exists.  Of course, amoung your children there will be nature tendencies for competiveness.  Most of the time it is your children looking for attention.  I have three boys and the two older ones turn everything into a competition.  Many times we write it off as them just being boys.

Let’s think of the family competition in another way.  What about the husband and wife.  Does your relationship ever feel like your competing?  Do you feel like you working against each other?

I think viewing your family as a team is a healthy way to learn to work and play together, for the whole family as well as husband and wife.  Remember your on the same team!  Start in simple ways.  Look at your home responsiblities as a team effort.  However you divide up the responsiblities at home, find ways to work together.

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