An update about web updates

Whew!  We’ve had some busy weeks here, lately!

I wanted to share with you that you’ll see some changes to our website in the coming days/weeks.  Some of that back end work has distracted me from regular postings.  Sorry about that!  On that note, here are some quick pieces of information on youth ministry:

Sunday School, 3/17

This Sunday the youth will take a peek at the fascinating encounter between Balaam and Balak.  Even when this sorcerer/prophet was trying to curse Israel, he couldn’t.  That’s because God is faithful to keep his promise to bless his people. That’s a promise for us as well.  Here’s a discussion sheet for a faith at home devotional.

Fuel, 3/17

At Fuel we will finish chapter one of James, covering verses 19-27.  This passage is a treasure trove of Christian living.  It reminds us that the faithful must actually live out their faith.  Take some time to read through the passage with your youth this week.

Youth Retreat

We have 20 youth registered so far, and there’s still space for more!  See our retreat post to learn more and sign up.

52 verses

Don’t forget to learn a verse each week as a family.  This week is Proverbs 30:8-9.  Download a printable version to learn and discuss.

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