March 3 Youth Sunday School, Rebellion and losing trust

About this past Sunday

We’ve finished our series on Core Beliefs, and last Sunday our 8th-12th grade youth had Bible Answer Man.  It was intense!  There were several HARD questions brought up, and youth were not willing to settle for easy answers – good for them!  We decided to hold another Bible Answer Man session (TBA) to address some of what we couldn’t this past Sunday.

Youth want to talk with their parents about the hard topics, too!  We mostly discussed salvation and the difficulty in accepting that Jesus is the only way.  Here are some of the questions:

  • “How is it fair that others are punished [by] being born into a non-Christian Family?…If you were raised a certain way you likely wouldn’t convert to Christ.”
  • “Do people from other faiths get saved?”
  • “Will everyone’s heaven be the same?”
  • “How could people before Jesus be saved?”

I’m telling you, our youth were animated in discussion about this.  We discussed the truth of what the Bible says, why it’s sometimes hard to believe, examples of people from other faiths coming to Christ, and how we should respond to the whole topic.  So if you want to get some mileage out of this discussion, ask your 8th-12th grader about it; let them know you heard there was a lot of discussion and get some feedback.  You may get a very deep conversation.

6th-7th were taught a lesson about the Israelites from our normal curriculum, and they, too, will have a Bible Answer Man soon.

For Sunday, March 3

Youth will pick back up in their series on Israel learning to encounter God and entering into the Promised Land.  Unfortunately, we know our spiritual walk has ups and downs.  This Sunday will cover a BIG “down.”  We’ll talk about the rebellion in the wilderness – a rebellion that really stemmed from a lack of trust in God.  That brings up a good conversation point.  How often do we go our own way because we simply do not trust God’s plan?

Take some time with this Faith at Home resource, a discussion sheet for a faith talk with your family.

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