Sermons on Matthew

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You Have to be Hungry

Series: Preacher: Date: May 28, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:6

Did you know that the second-largest food consumption day of the year here in the U.S.—after Thanksgiving—is Super-Bowl Sunday?  Statistics tell us that on that single day—actually in one 4-hour period—in addition to things like chili and baby-back ribs—Americans eat: 4 million pounds of popcorn TONS of Pizza—in fact pizza delivery is 60% higher during […]

You Have to be Meek

Series: Preacher: Date: May 21, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:5

As I inferred a couple sermons ago, my favorite comic book superhero is SUPERMAN. I wore my SUPERMAN tie today to prove it.  The reason I pick Superman as my favorite is not his super-strength or his invulnerability or his heat vision—but rather because he can fly! In fact, my favorite dreams are those in […]

You Have to Mourn

Series: Preacher: Date: May 7, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:4

As you know last week we began a study of The Beatitudes—or as we are referring to them in this series—FLIGH LESSONS—attitudes we need to embrace as Christians—if we are going to SOAR toward Christlikeness. You should also know that I have challenged you to MEMORIZE these verses.  And to show you that it is […]

You Have to be Poor

Series: Preacher: Date: April 30, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:1-3

Way back when Daniel was little we took an off-season vacation to the Outer Banks and while there we went to the museum at Kitty Hawk—the place where on December 17, 1903 history was made as the first motorized plane flew. I have to say—I’ve been to lots of museums—but this one is by far […]

Jesus’ Garden Prayer

Series: Preacher: Date: January 29, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 26:31-46

A few weeks ago, Sue and I watched the new Meryl Street movie that is about the life of a woman named Florence Foster Jenkins. If you’ve seen it then you know it’s a true story about an American socialite and amateur soprano who was known and mocked—for her flamboyant performance costumes and notably poor singing […]

God Guides the Wise

Series: Preacher: Date: December 11, 2016 Scripture Reference: Matthew 2:1-12

Part of Christmas is travelling. As Lucado puts it, “Holiday time is HIGHWAY TIME!” This aspect of celebrating Jesus’ birth has been true since the days winter travel was done with a horse-drawn sleigh. Do you remember this old song? Sing with me if you do: “Over the river, and through the woods to grandmother’s […]

Why Would A Loving God Send People to Hell?

Series: Preacher: Date: October 18, 2015 Scripture Reference: Matthew 25:31-34, 41, 46

31 – “When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His throne in heavenly glory. 32 – All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 […]

Second Mile Service

Series: Preacher: Date: March 1, 2015 Scripture Reference: Matthew 25:31-40

31 – “When the Son of Man comesin His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne. 32 – All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separatethe people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 – We will put […]

The Man

Series: Preacher: Date: December 14, 2014 Scripture Reference: Matthew 1:18-25

A few hours before a church’s annual Children’s Christmas Pageant was to begin, a worried mother called the church office. She reported that her little son, who was to play the part of JOSEPH that night, was sick with the flu, and could not be there for the performance. Well, something had to be done. […]

2nd Mile Christianity

Series: Preacher: Date: November 9, 2014 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:38-48

As you know a couple weeks back Sue and I enjoyed a week of vacation in Avon, NC—which is a remote little town on one of those barrier islands that make up the outer banks. One day we took a ferry to the next island, Okracoke. It’s near where the Monitor sank and where Blackbeard […]

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