Sermons on Matthew

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Series: Preacher: Date: September 10, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:11

For thousands of years people have been eating bread—and during those multiple millennias a wide variety of types of this staple food have developed. For example, there’s Arepa bread which is popular in Venezuala and Columbia. As you can see, it flat and round. It can be baked, fried or cooked on a charcoal grill, […]

Your Kingdom Come

Series: Preacher: Date: September 3, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:9-10

This week I did a little “google research” on campaign promises—things people who wanted to become President—people who wanted to be in charge—said they would do if they were elected. For example, in 1928 at the height of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover said if he were in charge of the country there would be […]

You Have to Live Like Jesus

Series: Preacher: Date: August 13, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:33-48

Have you ever seen a son that looked just like his father—a chip off the old block—the spitting image? If you haven’t, you’re about to because I want us to look at some pictures of some famous dads alongside their look-alike sons. This is Ice Cube and his son OMG—or is that Ice Cube on […]

You Have to Control Your Desires

Series: Preacher: Date: August 6, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:27-30

At the risk of your nodding off—I want to begin by asking each of you to close your eyes. I’m borrowing an idea from Bill Hybels and I want you to try and imagine you are at your favorite vacation place. Take yourself there in your mind. Are you there? Good!  If you feel comfortable […]

You Have to be Righteous

Series: Preacher: Date: July 30, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:17-22

Have you ever seen high jumpers compete at a track and field event? It’s amazing to watch.  These athletes take four or five carefully-planned steps and then launch their bodies over a bar—head first—back down. I don’t know how they do it—but these guys are able to control every muscle in their body independently—consciously moving […]

You Will Face Turbulence

Series: Preacher: Date: July 23, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:10-12

One of my favorite movies—is BRAVEHEART—where Mel Gibson stars as a 13th century Scottish commoner named William Wallace. Are there any other BRAVEHEART fans present? If you’ve seen the film then you know that it’s based on the true story of how William Wallace led his country to freedom from an oppressive English rule. Fueled […]

The Salt and Light of Flight

Series: Preacher: Date: July 16, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:13-16

Twenty years ago, the king of the video rental industry was a company called Blockbuster. Back then, if your family craved a movie night, someone would get in the car and drive to one of Blockbuster’s 9,000 stores, stroll through rows of VHS-tape-lined shelves—and hand a membership card to a blue-clad employee. You had to […]

You Have to Be a Peace-Maker

Series: Preacher: Date: July 9, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:9

At the turn of the 20th century, a man named Alfred was one of the preeminent scientists and entrepreneurs of his day. He made his fortune by inventing and refining explosives—his most famous invention being dynamite. Alfred’s intention was that these explosives be used for constructive purposes, like building highways and laying foundations for buildings. […]

Your Heart Has to Be Right

Series: Preacher: Date: July 2, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:8

Back in 1984, the Los Angeles Times carried the story of a woman named Anna Mae Pennica. Anna was a 62-year-old woman and she had been blind from birth. When she was 47 Anna married a man she met in a Braille class and for the first 15 years of their marriage he did the […]

You Have to Show Mercy

Series: Preacher: Date: June 4, 2017 Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:7

I began this series five sermons ago, by telling you about the Wright brothers—Wilbur and Orville. At the time I reminded you that these two brothers literally changed the world—which they certainly did the day in December of 1903 when they flew that flimsy airplane. But to make that happen—to get that first plane off […]

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