Time to talk about that bronze serpent

Do you remember it?

It was the story of a bronze snake that was hastily fashioned and put up on a pole.  God’s rebellious people needed only to look up at it for God to heal them from the poison of the not-so-bronze snakes that had been let loose among them.  This story is our lesson topic for Sunday, where we’ll discuss the main idea: Rebellion against God is rooted in failing to trust God.

Jesus, too, was lifted up on the cross, much like the serpent.  God’s rebellious people need only to look up in faith to Christ for God to heal them from the poison of the sin that has been let loose among us.

Have a “Faith Talk”

If you’ve been involved in the recent family ministry overview, then you’ve learned what a Faith Talk is.  It’s simply a time set aside by families to talk about God’s truth together.  Sometimes that idea is overwhelming, but families who do this once a week grow closer in their faith and relationships.  We have a talk sheet for you to use.  You’ll get to springboard off the lesson above.  It centers on Moses interceding for the people and our own call to step in to pray for others.

Get equipped to grow spiritually as a family

Our three week Family Ministry Orientation course begins March 17 and takes place during Sunday School.  Contact me (Kevin) if you want to join in.

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