Healthy Church Workshop, April 7

Redland’s Healthy Church Workshop, facilitated by Randy Millwood from the BCMD will be Saturday, April 7. A continental breakfast with coffee is served at 8:15am, the workshop starts at 8:45am in the Sanctuary and will conclude by 1pm. Everyone is invited and childcare (birth-Grade 5) is available by RSVP to Peggy Peek.

The first half of our time together will be spent reviewing the results of our recent Healthy Church Assessment, taken by a cross-section of Redland’s members (determined by age, gender, marital status, ministry involvement, and length of church membership tenure) earlier this year in January. This will be an overview of our church health, highlighting areas where we are strong and areas that could use some extra attention.

The second half of the workshop will be for collaborative discussion, discernment, fellowship, and planning to develop strategies for RBC’s continued health. This workshop is for everyone!  We look forward to seeing you here.

In case you have questions, take a look at the FAQs below.

What is the Healthy Church Workshop?
The workshop is a time to gather input and ideas from our Redland family to help improve the overall health of our church.  Your input will be used to bring improvement to six different areas of church health.  The result will be stated goals for us to accomplish as a church.  Some of these are more short-term (1-3 months), while others are more long-term (12-18 months).

What are those six areas of church health?
The six areas are Making Disciples, Servant Leadership, Christian Community, Decision Making, Smaller Groups (specifically Sunday School), and Adoring Worship.  You may notice that five of these closely align with our five purposes, with Servant Leadership as the addition.

How do we know where we are doing well / need to improve?
The Healthy Church Workshop is our second step in the process.  The first step was the Healthy Church Assessment, which was conducted back in January.  Following the instructions given to us by Randy Millwood, who designed the process, we selected 35 committed individuals who represented a reliable cross section of Redland Baptist Church.  These individuals “graded” our church by answering various questions.  At the workshop this Saturday, we will learn the results of that assessment and work to set goals to improve in each of them.

What will happen at the workshop?
Our workshop facilitator, Randy Millwood, will take some time to explain our process in more detail so that everyone understands the assessment results and what will take place next.  The six areas of church health will be physically laid out as workstations.  There will be three different rounds of work at the workstations, each of them different.  First, our main group will divide into six sub-groups, with each group moving to a different church health workstation.  This first round will involve a few minutes at one workstation before rotating to the next until all have been visited and will focus on areas where the assessment showed we did well.  The second round will be similar with a focus on areas needing improvement.  During the third round, you will spend extended time at the church health workstation that most appeals to you and work in a group to develop a few goals for improvement, based on previous input.

Why is it important for me to participate?
We can think of a few reasons.  First, your voice matters.  We believe God has given you a unique perspective that will help shape the process.  Second, a shared task with others helps build connections we are striving for this year.  Third, participation builds interest and future involvement.  The goals that flow from the workshop will be best understood if you have participated in the workshop.  We want to accomplish those goals with you, not for you.

Can you tell me more about Randy?
Randy Millwood serves with our state convention (BCMD – Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware) as the Church Strengthening Team Strategist.  He and his wife, Adelle, are much-loved throughout our two-state convention.  As a communicator, he combines helpful strategies with a down-to-earth style that brings effective results.  The process we are moving through at this workshop is one that he designed at the doctoral level and has successfully implemented in several other churches.

Is childcare available?
Yes.  Contact Peggy Peek (peggypeek at redlandbaptist dot org) by noon Friday to reserve childcare.

What is the schedule?
We will meet from 8:00am – 1:00pm
8:15 Continental Breakfast
8:45 Workshop begins
Assessment findings and group instructions
Then move into groups for collaboration
1:00 Workshop ends

Would you like me to help clean up?
So kind of you to ask!  We do need some people who are willing to stay after and help clean up for 45 minutes or so.  We realize it will be a very long day, but please consider sticking around to lend a hand so we can make short work of resetting for Sunday services.

Do you have a different question?  Just ask!  (office at redlandbaptist dot org)

Thank you for your involvement at Redland so that we can carry out God’s mission and be “a GRACE-driven church for a GRACE-needing world”!

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